A Brief Introduction to Datong

Datong is located in the very north of Shanxi Province at the junction of Shanxi Province, Hebei Province and the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region,between the inner and outer Great Wall. Datong is the second largest city in Shanxi Province and one of the first group of twenty four historic and ancient cities of China proclaimed by the State Council. The city is rated as ‘Top Tourist City of China’ and ‘the 9th ancient capital of China’. Covering an area of 14,100 square kilometers, it has a population of 3.4 million. Datong city has jurisdiction over four districts and six counties, these are the Pingcheng,Yungang,Yunzhou, Xinrong districts and Zuoyun,  Yanggao, Tianzhen, Hunyuan, Guangling and Lingqiu counties. Datong is loc... [detailed]

Yungang Grottoes

Located at the southern foot of Wuzhou Mountain[detailed]

Hengshan, North Holy Mountain

Mt. Hengshan is famous holy place for Taoism since ancient times [detailed]

Datong Great Wall

The Great Wall in Datong can be dated back to the Warring [detailed]

Historical Sites and Scenic Sports of Counties and Districts in Datong

Xinrong District
Xinrong DistrictXinrong District was established in 1970, it is one of the last established among the counties and distr...
Zuoyun County
Zuoyun County is located on the Loess Plato. To its east is Datong City, to its west is Youyu County, to its south is Su...
Tianzhen County
Tianzhen CountyLocated in the very north of Shanxi Province, Tianzhen County is 80 Kilometers from Datong. In the reign ...
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